1:1 Custom Coaching

Are you ready to find clarity, confidence, and tap in fully to your professional power?

My role is to help you raise the ceiling of your professional potential, empower you to go higher, and do it all with grace and style. With over ten years of enterprise selling experience in the world of tech under my belt, I believe empathy, curiosity, and a strategic mindset are the keys to mutual and sustainable success - for you, for me, and for whichever company is lucky enough to have you.

I believe each client is different and comes equipped with a unique set of gifts, goals and challenges. I do not use generic workbooks, personality tests, or pre-designed frameworks - every session is highly tailored and designed to meet your specific needs, which will evolve over the course of our work together.

I offer various packages of 50-minute sessions, with pricing ranging from $225-$350 per session, depending on your length of program.


    Are you a corporate climber who wants to take things to the next level, get promoted, or transition to a new role?

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    Are you a tired-of-feeling-stagnant languisher seeking greater career fulfillment, happiness, and/or pay?

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    Are you burned out and/or navigating a chronic health condition or disability, and ready to become your own best advocate at work?

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Career Transition Coaching


Ideal for tech and sales professionals who are feeling stagnant or unfulfilled in their roles and know they are ready for a change, but are unsure of exactly where to begin. I’ll guide you all the way from exploration to actualization, and help you create an actionable game plan based around your personal timeline and needs.

Through the process, we will work together to identify your strengths, passions, and professional and personal goals. We will also uncover and address the limiting beliefs and fears that may be holding you back. By doing this deep work together, you will find greater empowerment, confidence, and the clarity needed to take the best next step in your career.

Ready to pivot?
Corporate Career Coaching


Best suited for those looking to advance or evolve within their current work environment. As you prepare to ask for that next promotion, pay increase, or transition into a new role, we will partner together to build out your internal brand and business justification for your request, refine your networking skills, and effectively navigate the political landscape of your company as you explore new ways to advance and grow your career.

Throughout the process, I will help you let go of any imposter syndrome and polish your personal narrative of how your experience and contributions make you more than worthy of higher pay, a more senior title, and/or a new opportunity. Once you’ve achieved your desired goal, I will also provide ongoing support to make sure you are set up for success in this next chapter.

Ready to grow?
Burnout, Chronic Illness, & Disability Career Coaching


This program was designed for those who are experiencing burnout, living with chronic illness and/or disability, or simply need help navigating systems that are set up to normalize compromising your health in the name of achievement. I will offer empowering tools and strategies for self-advocacy that help you reclaim your sense of wellbeing and career fulfillment as a high achiever.

Together, we will unravel the complexities of your unique circumstances and co-create a plan to get you the short and long-term support you need, both in and outside of the workplace. Sometimes, this might look like asking for an accommodation(s), or even taking a temporary leave of absence, all of which I have personally navigated myself. We will reframe and redefine what success looks like for you, so that you can find sustainable balance, joy, and long-term success at work.

Ready to rebalance?