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  • Leon, Account Executive, Scottsdale, AZ

    Working with Brianne has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my career so far. I was looking for someone in the tech space who could provide me with a unique perspective regarding career advancement. She exceeded all expectations. Brianne has a unique ability of approaching conversations from an empathetic place, while keeping it super real and empowering you to get out of your comfort zone. That style of coaching served me well, and I was able to identify a clear path forward, which ultimately landed me a promotion to Account Executive. Brianne helped me see my full potential and instilled confidence throughout the process. She’s strategic, methodical and incredibly knowledgeable. Her experiences working at big name companies like Salesforce and Shopify gave me a better understanding of the growth possibilities that exist in our industry. I highly recommend Brianne’s services to anyone in tech and/or sales. She will go above and beyond for you! 

  • Stephanie, VP of Sales, Ex-Google, Bay Area, CA

    As a high-achieving sales leader, I turned to Brianne to help me proactively prevent burnout and maintain balance while working in a high pressure start-up environment. Taking steps back has improved my productivity and impact at work significantly. My current company still prefers to have employees in the office 100% of the time. I do my best work from home, and yet I was concerned that the rest of the executive team would not be supportive of me working remotely given I’d been declined in my previous requests. Brianne pushed me to truly grasp my worth and the value I bring to the business and re-advocate for myself. I took her advice and now have the flexibility to work from home anytime; as a result, I have far greater autonomy and now perform some of my best work. I wholeheartedly recommend Brianne to anyone looking for a career strategist! She will help you gain perspective and provide honest feedback about where you can optimize for your health as well as your success. 

  • Josiah, Sales Planning & Operations Specialist, Ventura, CA

    Partnering with Brianne has helped me identify and successfully pursue my true professional passions, understand how to communicate my needs in order to optimize my performance, and navigate internal politics to drive my career forward. From my entry into the tech space in January of 2020, I have launched a net new revenue operations team, received two promotions amidst the pandemic lockdown, and am currently making 238% of my starting salary.  I absolutely could not have done this without Brianne. It was definitely not easy, but with Brianne's guidance, I embraced difficult conversations, effectively communicated my goals, needs, and challenges with leadership, and am now thriving in work that I love while experiencing the growth that fires me up!

  • Matthew, Sr. Solution Engineer Manager, London

    Working with Brianne has been invaluable for my professional growth. While I’m confident in my work skills, I’ve never been very strong in the ‘self-promotion’ arena. Being such an empathetic and compassionate person, Brianne saw this and helped me build my confidence and personal brand as I interviewed for a new role, giving constant constructive feedback and guidance. Not only does my resume look stronger than it ever has, but I was able to navigate each conversation and presentation with finesse, and negotiate a 20% higher salary. I love my new job, but when the situation arises, I’m calling Brianne back in!

  • Chiemeka, Artist, PhotoVogue Fashion 100 (2022), New York

    Brianne is an incredibly helpful and versatile advisor! I’m a freelance artist and full time student at NYU, and she has helped me immensely when it comes to creating pitch decks for brands I collaborate with like Converse, as well as submitting polished applications for grants, fellowships and awards, all of which has led me to have my photography featured twice in Vogue. Most recently, I was selected as a photographer in the International PhotoVogue Fashion 100 out of over 3,000 applicants. Brianne has given me the tools I need to navigate the business aspect of the art world and ensure I’m fairly compensated for my work. I’ve learned how to represent myself from a position of strength when working with large, international brands and publishers, and cannot recommend her more highly!

  • Lauren, 2022 California Teacher of the Year, California

    I reached a point in my career where I knew my employer was aware of my skills, and was giving me extra responsibility without extra time or pay. Enter, Brianne! After a series of talks with Brianne, I not only understood the issue from my employer’s side, but was ready to have challenging conversations while maintaining my calm. Brianne gave me both practical skills, like learning what data in my job to track to serve my argument, as well as soft skills, like how to listen and recognize my boss’ challenges in creating the ideal position for me. Throughout the process of consultation, Brianne gave me talking points, role-played conversations with me, and empowered me to assert myself to my supervisor. Asking for what we deserve with our bosses can be one of the scariest, most vulnerable tasks, but Brianne was the job consultant I needed so I can stay happy and well in a career I love.

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